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When the rate changes (an average daily change of Euro is about 70 to 100 pips), you close the position and sell the Euro for dollars, but at the rate of 0.9292. You get 109,146. 47*0.9292 =101,418.89 dollars. Your profit is $ 1,418.89. The same transaction with leverage 1:200 would give you $2, 837.78 of profit, with leverage 1:50 the profit would be 709.45, with leverage 1:25 - 354.72.
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Trading success is all about making as much as one can when one is right and losing as little as possible when one is wrong. That is the essence of this business. So, any theory or system which looks after the above is a good one.

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The Foreign Exchange Market (FOREX) fx is the largest financial market in the world. For the beginner forex currency trading has the highest liquidity in the financial market with daily volume in excess of $1.95 trillion. The forex currency trading market is more than three times the total of the stocks and futures markets combined.
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Daily Forex Market Commentary for October 18, 2006

Thu, 19 Oct 2006 01:11:00 GMT
Forex Market Commentary for October 18, 2006
GFT Daily Forex Market Commentary by Cornelius Luca

The dollar fell broadly on Tuesday amid a very strong TIC data report, a very strong core PPI and a very weak industrial production...

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